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​​​​​ SimpleTabs Installation - O365 for Modern Sites

Adding SimpleTabs to your App Catalog

  1. Download provided SPP-SimpleTabs-ModernSites.sppkg file into a temporary folder on your computer.​​

  2. This file is a​ SPFx (SharePoint Framework) package containing all required assets to provide SimpleTabs functionality.

  3. Go to your tenant App Catalog site in Office 365.  If you don't have an App Catalog site, follow this guideline to enable site collection App Catalog:​

  4. Once in your App Catalog site, go to Apps for SharePoint, then click Upload button, select SPP-SimpleTabs-ModernSites.sppkg file you already downloaded from step 1.

  5. After uploading you'll see a modal window asking you to trust SimpleTabs package, click Deploy button and we're done, from this point and on you can add SimpleTabs app to any site where you want to include it.


Adding SimpleTabs App to your Site

  1. Go to the upper right corner in your browser and click the gear icon (Settings), then select Add an app.

  2. ​Under My Apps, go to From my organization.

  3. Select SimpleTabs for Modern Sites, click Add button.

  4. After adding the app, go to SIte Contents to verify the App is correctly installed.

  5. We're done and now ready to start using SimpleTabs on any modern page.​


Adding SimpleTabs Web Part to your Page

  1. Open the page where you want to have tabbed web parts!

  2. Edit the page and add SimpleTabs Web Part for Modern Sites into a section you decide. (SimpleTabs for Modern Sites web part can be found under "Advanced" group)

  3. SimpleTabs sould be the first (top) web part on that section.  Any other web parts under it will appear as tabs when publishing the page.

  4. Please reorder the web parts if necessary to make sure the proper order.

  5. Save the page and publish (If enabled).

You are done, Enjoy!!!

Still have questions? We’re happy to help!