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Porteo IntranetCo​​nfiguration

Apps Dashboard Components

Once the AppsDashboard solution has been installed in your farm, you will see two new site collection features in each site collection:

  • The first feature "Add jQuery library to master page" adds an enhanced javascript library to the site, named jQuery. This very common library adds a lot of functionality to javascript, and is required by many of our solutions.
    • Loading jQuery multiple times should be avoided.
    • If you have a custom masterpage or other solution which is already loading jQuery on all pages in your site, you may skip the activation of this feature.
    • For best behavior we suggest removing jQuery from masterpage and using this feature to load jQuery.
  • The second feature "Apps Dashboard" adds a configuration panel under site settings for SimpleSharePoint solutions
    • Apps Dashboard allows configuration of many of our solutions in one location


Apps Dashboard link under site settings


Apps Dashboard

The Apps Dashboard shows many SimpleSharePoint apps and details including:

  1. Installation status
  2. Version
  3. Web and User manual links
  4. Configuration settings for that particular app



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