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PlanBoard Installation - OnPremise 

​The o​n-prem install of Planboard is the same for all supported on-premise SharePoint versions (2013, 2016, 2019)​

  1. Unzip provided package to a temporary folder on one of the SharePoint servers in your farm.​
  2. Execute PlanBoard.exe file, which is the installer package. On the installer application wizzard, click Next.
  3. This is a system check, if all items are OK, click Next.
  4. Accept the terms in licence agreement and click Next.
  5. Select the web application and site collection where you want to deploy the PlanBoard, then click Next.
  6. Please wait while the installer is deploying PlanBoard solution package into your SharePoint farm.
  7. Once deployment is complete, click Next, then Close when installation is complete.
  8. Finally, verify that the SimpleSharePoint - Planboard feature is activated in your site collection under Site Settings > Site Collection Features

You are now ready to proceed to configuration!

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