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Global Announcements Configuration

When you have to get the word out a global announcement will be sure everyone gets the message

  • Go to site contents in your SharePoint root site collection web site.
  • Locate list called Global Announcements and add an entry.

  • Expires: After the specified date, messages won't be displayed.
  • Active:  This setting allows to manually turn on/off any message, regardless of it's date expiration.
  • BGColor: This choice column allows to set background colors for your messages.
    You can add your own values. Use named colors (Red, Green, Blue, etc, or Hex values)
  • AlertPosition: This column defines where in the page will be displayed the announcement.
    1=Top, 2=below ribbon, 3=below global nav, 4 =bottom

    Possible values: 1 = Top of Screen (yellow area)


     2 = Below Ribbon on Screen (green area)


    3 = Below Global Navigation (pink area)


    4 = Bottom of Page (Red area)


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