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PlanBoardPlanBoard​ Configuration

Create a list to use with Planboard

​You can use most SharePoint list types, however

  • Recurring events in Calender lists will not work.
  • Discussion lists will not currently work correctly.

Your list should have a Choice or Multi Choice column for the categories (see Terminology)
Additionally you can use Views - e.g. only show uncompleted tasks or tasks assigned to the current user.

Add PlanBoard web part to a page

Once you have installed PlanBoard (see Installation) you will be able to add the PlanBoard web part to a web part or wiki page.

  • Navigate to the page you want to put PlanBoard on (or create a new one)
  • Site Actions > Edit Page
  • Insert > Web Part
  • At this point its not strictly necessary but its helpful to Save the page then Edit it again.  ​
  • ​Click Add


​Configure PlanBoard

  1. Select the web part menu (top right) and Edit this web part
  2. From the Configuration section of the tool pane set the following options:
    1. List - the name of the list you want to use
    2. View - the name of the view you want to use (optional)
    3. Category - the name of the choice field you want to use (such as Priority or Status)
    4. Order - the name of a numeric order field you want to use (optional)
    5. Title - the name of the field to be displayed on the cards Title (see Terminology)
    6. Detail - the name of the field to be displayed on the cards detail area.
    7. On Card Click
      1. Nothing - nothing will happen when clicking on cards
      2. Edit_Form - open the list items edit form
      3. Display_Form - open the list items display form
    8. Allow Adding - show an "Add New Item" button at the top of the web part​

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