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SimpleCarouselDeploying SimpleCarousel to a SubsiteAdd source list and libraries to subsite
  1. Go to the site that you are Adding SimpleCarousels to.
  2. Go to Settings Gear > "Add an app".
  3. Click on "Carousel News".
  4. Name the list EXACTLY as shown, with spaces (e.g. "Carousel News"). Click OK to create the list.
  5. Repeat steps 1 - 4 for "Carousel News Config" AND "Carousel News Images". Carousel News Images may be near the end of the custom apps list.

AddAppsNewsConfig.PNG AddAppsNewsImages.PNG

Add News Images
  1. Upload images to "Carousel News Images" library. Optimal size for these images are 920 wide x 240 tall. Make sure the focus of image is mostly to the left, as the right side is mostly cut off when window is shrunk down.

Adding News Items

  1. Add news items to the "Carousel News" list. Fields maked with an asterisk are required. Fields are as follows:
  2. Title - This is the large main text that will show up on SimpleCarousel.
  3. Enabled * - This indicates whether this announcement is active and displayed.
  4. Publication Date * - Select. Default is today.
  5. Publication End Date * - Select an expiration date for this announcement.
  6. Order * - Enter a number which determines the order that this announcement displays in (1 being first).
  7. Summary * - Enter a short summary of the link.
  8. Image Url * - Enter the URL of the background image for this announcement. This field already has a forward slash included in the link format. Enter image URLs in this format:
    CORRECT - SubsiteName/NewHires/Carousel%20News%20Images/image1.jpg
    INCORRECT - /SubsiteName/Carousel%20News%20Images/image1.jpg
  9. Link Url * - Enter a hyperlink to determine where the user goes after they click on the image or the link label.
  10. Link Label - Enter a nice label for this hyperlink which displays in the lower left of the image. Default value is "Read more".
  11. LanguageCode- Determines the language for this announcement for translators. Default value should be "en-us".

Add SimpleCarousel Webpart

  1. Go to the webpage that you would like to add SimpleCarousels to.
  2. Go to Settings Gear > Edit Page.
  3. In the Web Part Zone where you'd like to add the app to, click on Add a Webpart.
  4. Click on "SimpleSharePoint". Select "SimpleCarousel" and click "Add".
  5. Edit the Webpart by clicking on the arrow in the top right corner of the webpart.      
  6. Set "Chrome Type" to "None".
  7. Copy and paste in the URL where your source CSS for Simplecarousel is into the "Custom CSS File" field. For Example:
  8. Click OK and save the page.
  9. Press CTRL and F5 simultaneously to refresh the page and reload the Javascript.
You are now ready to go!

Still have questions? We’re happy to help!