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Porteo IntranetCo​​nfiguration
Porteo intranet is comprised of a lot of best practices and that it is using Master Pages the provide the framework for page layouts that are then used by pages. Centralized scripts and CSS may be modified by those with advanced skills. Our team provides custom branding and initial configuration.

The individual components with few exceptions may be modified for content and style via a browser. Those that contain color choices have a color picker so that you do not need to know color codesA Web page is dynamically rendered out of its constituent parts. The two primary parts of a Web page are the master page and the page layout.Master pages contain controls that are shared across multiple page layouts, such as navigation, and branding.Page layouts contain field controls and Web Parts. When you create a Web page, it is stored in the site pages library. This Web page is referred to as a content page. The following figure shows how page layouts and master pages work together to create the layout for a Web content page.

page-render.PNG See component configuration details on the left menu.​​

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