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Global Announcements Installation
(NOTE: An automated installer is on the way...)
  • Go to site contents in your SharePoint root site collection web site.
  • Create a new list, using the Announcements template.
  • Once created, add the following fields:

  • When done, list columns should look like this:


GlobalAnnouncements Script File

  • The only configuration you need to do in GlobalAnnouncements.js file, is to edit the file and change a value.

    At the line #2 of the script file, there's a variable called listGuid, which must contain Global Announcements list GUID.
    // Global Announcements
    var listGuid = "c9a76dfc-9928-4dac-b2b9-9ba01b115878"; // Change this to reflect your Global Announcements list GUID

    To obtain list GUID, go to list settings, and the URL will contain this value, as illustrated below:

    In the example above the value is: c9a76dfc%2D9928%2D4dac%2Db2b9%2D9ba01b115878

    Replacing "%2D" by "-" the list GUID is: c9a76dfc-9928-4dac-b2b9-9ba01b115878

    This is the value you need to configure in the JavaScript file.

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