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​​​ SimplePDF​​ Configure Simple PDF



Configuration is divided into two main groups:

  1. Word Automation Services (WAS) configuration
    1. ​​Enable WAS service application in your SharePoint farm thru central administration.
    2. Configure supported file types, conversion job frequency, resource throtting, etc.
  2. Simple PDF configuration
    1. Source and destination libraries, input and output file formats, application service name, etc
    2. Expected column names and types (in case you want to copy metadata)

Word Automation Services (WAS) Configuration

  1. Read the following Microsoft guideline to enable Word Automation Services in your SharePoint farm. (This procedure applies to all SharePoint servers from 2010 to 2019)
    1. ​​
    2.​​  (alternative guide)

  2. Once WAS is running in your SharePoint farm please check the following settings.

Simple PDF Configuration

  1. Simple PDF configuration is done thru a list called  ​WAS Config, this list is created under your root site collection site.

  2. This list has two main sections:
    1. Metadata Columns
      If you want to copy metadata stored in source library to destination library after file conversion, use these settings to specify column names and data type.

    2. WAS Settings
      Here you specify source and destination libraries, input and output file formats, WAS application service name and event receiver triggering behavior.

  3. In the following lines we'll take a look in detail to these settings.

​Metadata Columns

Use them to copy metadata info between source and destination libraries.

Let's take a look one column in detail.

Field name​​​
Allowed or expected value

​This field must have the display/title name of the column, including spaces. Must start with Col- prefix.
​Col-Annual Training Review
​This field must contain the internal name of the aforementioned column.

​This field must specify the data-type of the column. In the example picture, is a boolean field of type Yes/No
​Config Type
​Must select Metadata Column

WAS Settings
Use them to control document conversion behavior.

​Field name
​Allowed or expected value
​Source Doc Lib Name
​This is the display name/title of the source document library. That is, the document library where you drop/upload Word documents you want to convert into PDF files.
​Output Doc Lib Name
​This is the display name/title of the destination document library. That is, the document library where PDF files will be copied to after PDF conversion takes place.

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