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InfoPediaInstallation - OnPremise
The on-prem install of InfoPedia​ is the same for all supported on-premise SharePoint versions



  1. Unzip provided package
  2. Restore the provided SQL Backup file (.bak) to your SQL server
    1. Verify your SharePoint farm account has appropriate permissions to this content database
  3. Update the provided PowerShell Script
    1. Update databaseName if you changed it while restoring to SQL
    2. Update webApplicationURL to reflect your SharePoint web application URL
  4. Run the provided PowerShell script on one of the SharePoint servers (Right-click, Run with PowerShell)
  5. Allow script to run until Finished message is displayed
  6. Verify that InfoPedia is available at http://<WebAppURL>/Knowledge
  7. Adjust the security of this site collection to meet your organizations needs
    1. Set Site Collection Administrator(s)
    2. By default all users have Read access to this site

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