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TimeBankTime Bank​ Configuration


Time Bank allows you to add, manage and approve employee leave requests, such as vacations, sick leaves and so on.

This app allows you:

  • Create new leave request
  • Automatically forward to manager for approval
  • Optionally assign tasks required prior to approval and track their progress
  • Approve/reject requests


Using the Site

The site uses regular SharePoint lists to store and manage data. No external data storage or custom interface is implemented. This allows you to easily modify the way the site functions, using just your browser.

Requests is the main list where leave requests are added, managed and stored. It contains the following columns:

  • Title – free-text title of the request
  • Leave Type – choice of leave types (vacation, sick leave and so on)
  • Description – additional description
  • Start Date – first day of leave
  • End Date – last day of leave
  • Half Day – is the leave for half day only?
  • Requester – name of the requester, filled out automatically, but can be overridden
  • Phone – phone number of the requester, taken from Active Directory profile
  • Manager – direct manager of the requester
  • Tasks – reference to associated tasks to be completed prior to approval
  • Open Tasks – number of open tasks, filled out automatically
  • Manager Approval – manager’s decision
  • Employee Signature – electronic signature field

The list is configured with a grouped interface. Columns filled out by the requester are in the first group, tasks and manager approval are in the second group. Requester only has write access to the first group.

Once a request is submitted, an alert is sent to the manager. The manager can either immediately approve/reject or assign tasks to the requester and/or additional users. The decision on the request cannot be entered until all tasks are marked as completed.

Requests can be added either from the Requests lists or directly from the calendar on the homepage of the site. Right-click the desired start date and add the request.

The calendar color-codes the request based on the approval. You can also add color-coding by leave type or any other Color Choice columns you decide to add to the list.

The associated tasks, if exist, are shown as a progress bar in both the list views and on the calendar. You can complete the tasks directly from the calendar:

  • Click on the progress bar to open a pop-up listing all the tasks.
  • Click on Complete opposite the task you wish to close.



Reports are implemented as specifically designed views of the Requests list. By default you can view totals by year and totals by requester. You can easily create additional views as you see fit.


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